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  1. In the late 1960s, the American company Central Aircraft Manufacturing Company Inc . ( CAMCO ) was interested in means of aerial advertising.
  2. In October 1954, Hurricane Hazel destroyed planes parked at the airport, including one of Charles Catalano's Tiger Moth aerial advertising planes.
  3. The 2014 display was part of an ongoing project, directed by artist ISHKY ( Ben Davis ), and again involved AirSign Aerial Advertising.
  4. On Oct . 10, the newly created US Aerial Advertising Association asked a federal appeals court in Atlanta to review the FAA's decision.
  5. Due to safety, privacy, and aesthetic reasons, the ability to perform aerial advertising is regulated by local and federal entities throughout the world.
  6. The plane was used by owner Charles Catalano's Aerial Advertising Service to pull signs behind it over the annual Canadian National Exhibition ( CNE ).
  7. Federal officials said Monday that they were continuing their investigation into what caused Shockley to ditch his single-engine plane, which had been towing aerial advertising over beach crowds.
  8. In 1920, Snook approached Kinner Field in Los Angeles ( which offered aerial advertising and flight instruction ), bringing with her a background in mechanics which made her an invaluable assistance to Kinner.
  9. NFL lobbyist Marty Gold said NFL teams have turned down opportunities for aerial advertising revenue and even want the ban to apply to overhead telecasting of games below 3, 000 feet ( 900 meters ).
  10. With WDL Aviation offering aircraft lease and charter services, the aerial advertising and sightseeing flight branch ( using blimps ) survives in the other subsidiary of WDL Group, which is called " WDL Luftschiff ".
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