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  1. As of 2000, Flushing Airport still had its air corridor reserved under FAA regulations.
  2. If we allow an air corridor, we'll be protected.
  3. The benefit of this plan would be to preserve the air corridor for Flushing Airport.
  4. This is because air corridors in the area between Crete and Cyprus must remain free.
  5. Surface traffic from non-Soviet zones to Berlin was blockaded, leaving open only the air corridors.
  6. They also have yet to reopen the air corridor for U . N . flights.
  7. Two air corridors were to be opened for U . S . aircraft, the official said.
  8. "We need safe air corridors, " she said.
  9. An open-air corridor will allow visitors to follow the voyage of the sun through the seasons.
  10. Air corridors should not be confused with airways.
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