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  1. Heywood also disliked Hayward, calling him a'worldling', raised a little in society, as a result of which he typically affected airs and graces beyond his station.
  2. In July 2005 Katona starred in " My Fair Kerry " on ITV, where she was taught airs and graces to transform herself from ladette to lady.
  3. The goddess of love, Ezili Freda, a creature of extravagant airs and graces and prone to fits of weeping, is supplied with a consoling bottle of her favorite perfume.
  4. She sang it at a festival in the south of England where folk-singer June Tabor heard it and later recorded it for her 1976 album " Airs and Graces ".
  5. Vain as a cat about its airs and graces, the city gets miffed if you dare to tear your eyes away, even for one quiet hour, from its ravishing features.
  6. He was a countryman at heart, far happier fishing and shooting than endeavouring to adapt himself to the airs and graces of polite London society, for which he had little affection.
  7. As described in the history books, Tim was as bright as a button, more than six feet high, straight and handsome, and walked upon the earth with a natural air and grace that was quite captivating.
  8. Kralena curses the aristocratic airs and graces of people like Lucy, and once they have gone, he again sings of how he shall one day seize power ( " One Day . . . Reprise " ).
  9. Petite and spirited, sporting a punkish haircut, a Che Guevara black beret and tiny sunglasses that make her look far younger than her 48 years, Miou-Miou is not one for putting on the airs and graces of a film star.
  10. In September he produced his best performance to date to win the Jockey Club Stakes at Newmarket by six lengths from a field which included Dieudonne and the Classic winners Airs and Graces ( 1000 Guineas ) and Chelandry ( Oaks ).
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