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  1. Ament, 64, and four other officials resigned in the fallout.
  2. Fairweather joined Gossard and Ament as a member of Mother Love Bone.
  3. Ament said, " It was mostly Mark and Ed s vision.
  4. Ament only received $ 75 from the British Loot Committee.
  5. Baines married Ruth Ament Huffman of Collin County in 1896.
  6. Ament and Robb share a fascination with ancient religions.
  7. Pearl Jam bassist Jeff Ament plunged into the psychedelic Three Fish last year.
  8. Actually, said Ament Sunday morning, it's no big deal.
  9. Pearl Jam bass player Jeff Ament recently told Billboard.
  10. Rock musician Jeff Ament of Pearl Jam is 35.
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