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  1. Some boroughs, indeed, had anticipated Magna Carta by obtaining in their own charters a definition of the maximum amercement exigible, or in some cases of the amercing body.
  2. While it is often synonymous with a fine, it differs in that a fine is a fixed sum prescribed by statute and was often voluntary, while an amercement is arbitrary.
  3. The courts held at St Briavels Castle imposed a relatively large number of fines, or amercements, for both illegal wood-cutting and the poaching of venison during the period.
  4. Whether it calls for amercement-and, if so, whether Cotter or the Treasury is the appropriate beneficiary-is something the district court should consider as an initial matter ."
  5. This was unpopular among the revolutionary forces, and in February 1782, the South Carolina legislature voted a 12 % amercement of Colonel Pinckney's property to punish his switch of allegiance.
  6. Such payments were known as  amercements .  For petty offences, men were constantly placed  in mercy : for failure to attend meetings of a bots and wites, was made only to be broken.
  7. Magna Carta in this chapter, treating of the amercements of freeholders, merchants and villeins, makes no reference to the part played by the King s justices, but only to the functions of the jury of neighbours.
  8. Four important words were there introduced " villanus alterius quam noster " : the king was not to inflict crushing amercements on villeins  other than his own,  thus leaving villeins on royal manors unreservedly in his power.
  9. There were apparently two steps in the fixing of amercements . ( a ) In the case of a commoner, the penalty under normal circumstances would be assessed provisionally by the King s justices on circuit, with the assistance of the sheriff.
  10. These taxes were in addition to the various claims which were made upon Jews for relief, wardship, marriage, fines, law-proceedings, debts, licenses, amercements etc . and which Jews paid to the English exchequer like English subjects.
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