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  1. The antemedial line on the forewings is pointed apically on the anal vein and the medial line is black, pointed mesially on the radial, the cubital, and anal veins.
  2. When the vannal fold has the usual position anterior to the group of anal veins, the remigium contains the costal, subcostal, radial, medial, cubital, and postcubital veins.
  3. However, both families have wings with an anal area that has at least one or two highly branched anal veins, a character that is not seen in " Elektrithone ".
  4. The costa is entire, without interruptions; the subcosta is reduced; posterior basal wing cell and discoidal wing cell are fused; anal cell of wing and anal vein of wing are absent.
  5. The forewings are semihyaline with a white ground color and a creamy-white triangular basal patch edged with brown and with four fine dark brown longitudinal lines between the costal margin and the anal vein.
  6. The costa is interrupted near the subcosta ( which reaches the costa ) . The posterior basal wing cell and discoidal wing cell are fused and the anal vein does not reach the margin of the wings.
  7. The basal angle is marked with a black dash and there are small blackish fuscous spots on the anal vein at the basal third slightly above this in the cell and at the end of the cell.
  8. In addition, in Orthoptera and Blattodea, the anal area is folded like a fan along the veins, the anal veins being convex, at the crests of the folds, and the accessory veins concave.
  9. The vannal veins ( lV to nV ) are the anal veins immediately associated with the third axillary, and which are directly affected by the movement of this sclerite that brings about the flexion of the wings.
  10. The postmedial fascia consists of a series of opalescent patches and lunules defined proximally by fuscous, obliquely incurved to vein 5, oblique to vein 2, incurved to the anal vein, oblique to the inner margin.
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