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  1. A parser generator generates the lexical-analyser portion of a compiler.
  2. This award formally recognised the excellence of the COALSCAN range of analysers.
  3. Rihaan worked as Content Analyser and handled film-editing.
  4. A network analyser is needed to view the resonant frequency.
  5. The first reference to a Norbar electronic torque analyser is dated 1967.
  6. Light traveling in the backward direction becomes polarized at 45?by the analyser.
  7. The setting ( orientations ) of the analysers are selected by the experimenter.
  8. His first job was providing mathematical analysis for the design of differential analyser.
  9. Many analysers perform such analyses automatically or mostly automatically, such as autoanalysers.
  10. There are online and offline analysers available for various other types of analytes.
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