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उदाहरण वाक्य

  1. Pilon asks after the fruitless interrogations of Chamoiseau's tribe of local people has finished.
  2. The two are clearly attracted to each other, and Octavia asks after her brother.
  3. "That's almost a better question to ask after the summer,"
  4. Barbara Jean asks after his wife and sends her regards.
  5. Ross asks after Green makes a move for the bathroom.
  6. "What do you need, Jack ? " the gunman asks after accepting Jack's money.
  7. Dr . Syamsul asks after recognizing the two lovers, one with a big tummy.
  8. Barbara asks after three, count'em, goodbye kisses from Captain Kirk.
  9. Font Farran as Nin s counsel went to the CGOP to ask after Nin.
  10. Although he never asked to be traded this season, he did ask after last season.
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