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उदाहरण वाक्य

  1. HCC grants a variety of associate degrees and also has certificate programs.
  2. It was the first college in Pennsylvania authorized to grant associate degrees.
  3. The school now offers 18 associate degree programs and 11 certificate programs.
  4. Rocco made a career of the Army and earned an associate degree.
  5. He pursued a dual associate degree in performing arts and liberal arts.
  6. It offers dozens of associate degree programs and several certification programs.
  7. In 1957, the associate degree in surveying technology was also approved.
  8. Halasz also holds an associate degree in Journalism from Gothenburg University.
  9. The Barbados Community College has an associate degree programme in music.
  10. Other students are working toward two-year associate degrees as well as bachelors degrees.
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