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  1. Accelerators-otherwise known as " atom smashers "-are machines used for studying nuclear reactions by creating beams of high-energy particles ."
  2. Using an atom smasher to bombard plutonium with calcium ions, the physicists created an element with an atomic weight of 114.
  3. Danette appears in Crisis on Infinite Earths, wherein she was briefly rejoined by her former lover, the reluctant supervillain Atom Smasher.
  4. While Stargirl has shown some romantic feelings for Atom Smasher in the past, there is never any reciprocation on his part.
  5. Playland's roller coaster, known as the " Atom Smasher ", was prominently featured in the movie " This is Cinerama ".
  6. When atom smashers make new particles, many of them are unstable and 06 : 55, 2 September 2007 ( UTC)
  7. Known as triple-weight hydrogen, or tritium, its existence had been suspected, but it took them and their atom smasher to prove it.
  8. In 2009, Simko released " Music from The Atom Smashers ", which was the soundtrack to a documentary about physicists at Fermilab.
  9. Scientists had hoped to use the atom smasher to study the building blocks of matter by forcing collisions between rotating proton beams.
  10. Teth-Adam, once again human, escaped with the aid of Atom Smasher, who carried him to safety after saving him from his fall.
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