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  1. After working as an assistant stage manager for " Babes in Arms " on Broadway, Craven acted in several films.
  2. Club rules say " no babes in arms " and no prams or strollers, and very young children are frowned upon.
  3. Many prisoners were children, or mothers who posed with babes in arms : You wonder what their " crimes " were.
  4. "Where or When " is the first number to appear in the original Broadway production of " Babes in Arms ".
  5. At the Juvenile Award for her performances in 1939, including " The Wizard of Oz " and " Babes in Arms ".
  6. He also thinks " Pal Joey " ( 1940 ) and " Babes in Arms " ( 1937 ) have great potential.
  7. Those jobs, of course, are in part a result of Marshall's strong work on Encores ! shows like " Babes in Arms,"
  8. He also performed in a production of " Babes in Arms ", produced by Encores ! in the New York City Center.
  9. Harby climbed atop a scaffold, pointed to the figure representing the babe in arms and asked, " This is a baby ?"
  10. Monica and Chandler ( Courteney Cox Arquette and Matthew Perry ) are likely to flee for the suburbs with their adopted babe in arms.
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