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  1. Back home the whole family babysat the mailbox, waiting for his college-acceptance letter.
  2. He sometimes babysat for the Bibbys.
  3. Duncan and Veronica found that Meg had compiled information about a child whom she often babysat.
  4. Bertram Cooper's sister, Alice Cooper, babysat Sterling when he was a child.
  5. So they babysat whenever the opportunity arose, but did not spend the scrip they acquired.
  6. As a teenager, she frequently babysat the young children of families living in and around Standard.
  7. Veronica attends, however she has an ulterior motive and is investigating families that Meg babysat for.
  8. While Rory is babysat by Martha MacKenzie ( Jodi Gordon ) one day, he is kidnapped.
  9. If Lukowich and Pushor can prove they don't need to be " babysat,"
  10. :: : My friend owns an African Grey, which I have babysat for him on occasion.
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