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उदाहरण वाक्य

  1. In the scene, Gloop fails to get a babysitting job from Lois.
  2. The resort has laundry facilities and babysitting options available.
  3. :Finally, Wikipedia is not a babysitting service.
  4. Rhys finds Jacqui, who is babysitting Tom Cunningham ( Ellis Hollins ).
  5. While babysitting Anna, Tony visits Jennifer and walks with to the garden.
  6. While babysitting Cassie and Noah, Grace plotted to steal Nick from Sharon.
  7. However, while babysitting baby Jack, Katie found herself attracted to Nick.
  8. Many of the strips involve C�sar babysitting his neighbour's little daughter.
  9. While babysitting Kenya, they decide to have a child of their own.
  10. Babysitting courses are offered for youth ages 11 + on a regular basis.
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