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  1. _Schools may not arrange for prayer at graduation or baccalaureate ceremonies.
  2. Then, he'll choose where to finish his baccalaureate degree.
  3. All three Clintons wore sunglasses and hats for Saturday's baccalaureate.
  4. Franklin currently offers an International Baccalaureate program for select students.
  5. The college prepares students interested in transferring to baccalaureate-granting institutions.
  6. The Center houses departments administering masters, baccalaureate and associate degree programs.
  7. In the UK, baccalaureate qualifications, e . g.
  8. Bryn Mawr is a small, four year, residential baccalaureate college.
  9. He delivered the baccalaureate address at the school in 2008.
  10. Will the baccalaureate service and Christmas carols be the next to go?
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