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  1. With medication and a change of diet, Biddy was healing on schedule.
  2. Biddy has something else in mind and when she gets hold of something,
  3. A few weeks ago, Biddy rearranged her priority of favored sleep spots.
  4. An iddy-biddy little thing, pretty and sweet . . ..
  5. Biddy's body was not recovered for weeks.
  6. The character of Biddy is central to the story.
  7. Biddy had spent many years in the company of Lyman's household.
  8. She was also celebrated on Biddy Mason Day on November 16, 1989.
  9. I add as a clincher, " Stella remains svelte as Biddy bulges.
  10. He said, " The old biddies should go back home ."
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