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उदाहरण वाक्य

  1. He later went to prison for bilking followers out of $ 158 million.
  2. Hubbell also was indicted on charge of bilking his clients at the Rose firm.
  3. German officials consider Scientology an extremist organization dedicated to bilking its parishioners of money.
  4. Dad's a creep on disability who's proudly bilking the system.
  5. Hoover was convicted of bilking 25 clients out of more than $ 13 million.
  6. At convention time, they stop bilking Joe Lunchbox to act like Joe Lunchbox.
  7. State officials concluded the dentists were bilking Medicaid.
  8. He has acknowledged bilking his former partners and clients of nearly $ 500, 000.
  9. Both are charged with bilking depositors in their family-owned bank in Puerto Rico.
  10. Pecard also is accused of bilking a husband and wife out of thousands of dollars.
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