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  1. Unfortunately, there are some who turn to bankruptcy with the express intent of bilking their creditors.
  2. He would debunk spiritualists, especially the ones bilking families who'd lost a loved one.
  3. Last month, he was sentenced to 21 months in prison for bilking clients of the firm.
  4. He is also charged with illegal enrichment, presumably for bilking millions from a government food program.
  5. A Nigerian gentleman inviting me to join him in bilking his country out of millions of dollars?
  6. Hubbell previously served 16 months in prison for bilking his former Arkansas law firm and its clients.
  7. Winkler was among 33 Goldmen employees accused of bilking thousands of clients through unauthorized trading and forgery.
  8. The case involved four men convicted of bilking the government out of tens of millions of dollars.
  9. He admitted to bilking his clients out of " tens of millions of dollars " since 1984.
  10. I don t know if you can go to prison for bilking gullible legislators . "
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