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  1. Since then, he withstood demands from Washington's blathering class to pick a vice presidential nominee months ago.
  2. Ferreira said Agassi should have been disqualified for blathering a stream of immoral language at the start of the third set.
  3. All the same pages, same blathering, etc . talk ) 16 : 51, 11 July 2012 ( UTC)
  4. Maybe because the media would like nothing better than to fritter away the entire'96 campaign blathering about the age issue.
  5. ABC blathered along until " Millionaire " turned up; otherwise, it's still pretty much blathering along.
  6. It you are merely blathering on about your own opinions-you'll sink into a morass of other similar things.
  7. But remember, McMullen was a faithful hawk during the protracted lockout _ his dissing of union boss Bob Goodenow was sad blathering.
  8. Breslin's " Contract with Jackie " is a blathering satire about Newt Gingrich's character or lack thereof.
  9. You blather about your dogs and you apologize for blathering and before you know it, your five minutes with Oprah are over.
  10. The online game featured a philosopher walking across the screen blathering, and when you pressed a button the philosopher would be quiet.
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