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  1. One sure sign that you've entered the kingdom of movie hokum is when the characters start portentously blathering on about their dreams.
  2. House Majority Leader Dick Armey dismissed such talk as " blathering " by Clinton's " spin team ."
  3. My next drive, naturally, plopped into the gorse and for a brief moment I was reduced to a sputtering, blathering idiot.
  4. And let's see if the the person or persons who have decided they own Wikipedia can keep their incoherent blathering to themselves.
  5. Most of the excitement is generated by slick advertising campaigns and television announcers blathering to the unfortunate folks back home digging out of the snow.
  6. Blathering on to the point of gooeyness, I concluded there were almost no circumstances that would justify a trade of so splendid a pitcher.
  7. Significant Others, introduced at midseason in 1998, was a whiny, blathering series about recent college graduates navigating life's land mines.
  8. As are such statements as, " a blathering irrelevance ", " you and other editors want to play the stupid and childish game"
  9. "I'm much tougher than a lot of other columnists, and less patient with whining and blathering, " she said.
  10. I'm not interested in such blathering, since it's the antithesis of what I had at the theaters this year : fun.
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