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  1. Prizba is part of the Municipality of Blato.
  2. Potirna is part of the Municipality of Blato.
  3. The island is divided into municipalities of Kor ula, Smokvica, Blato and Lumbarda.
  4. Soon after Slovaks, the Hungarian and Bulgarian settlers settled in Belo Blato as well.
  5. The neighborhood is badly connected to the Blato, southwest of Laniate, is planned.
  6. In September 2012 } ivo blato released live album entitled " Live in Zagreb 2012 ".
  7. Blato was facing a mass exodus.
  8. Hotels and private apartments in Prizba and Prigadica have given new momentum to the economy of Blato.
  9. The upper valley, the 7, 411 hectares in Bosnia and Herzegovina, is called Hutovo Blato.
  10. The Neretva Delta has been recognised as a Ramsar site since 1992, and Hutovo Blato since 2001.
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