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  1. There was also a pair of inverted V cabane struts supporting the centre section.
  2. The wing was built around two cabane struts.
  3. By then, the small cabane fin had been removed and the wingspan increased by.
  4. The wing is supported by " V " struts, jury struts and cabane struts.
  5. Inverted-V cabane struts linked the upper wing centre section to the upper fuselage.
  6. Six short cabane struts braced it centrally.
  7. Four cabane struts from the upper fuselage on each side braced the wing centre section.
  8. Cabane has taught a course at the Haas School of Business, University of Berkeley.
  9. Cabane also raised questions about perception of film in a plastic form versus a projected form.
  10. "Cabane " ( 2008 ) was created and performed in collaboration with Robert Racine.
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