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उदाहरण वाक्य

  1. _Best Leading Actor, Musical : Alan Cumming, Cabaret.
  2. _Best Leading Actress, Musical : Natasha Richardson, Cabaret.
  3. _Best Featured Actor, Musical : Ron Rifkin, Cabaret.
  4. Ebb and Kander, who penned " Cabaret,"
  5. Their cabaret was a place where Marlene Dietrich might stop by.
  6. Places to see music : " The Cabaret Music Hall.
  7. Wood said, " for cabarets, for special events.
  8. A lot of Theresienstadt cabaret was rooted in the Viennese tradition,
  9. One good place to look for it is inside a cabaret.
  10. Baraonda has no cabaret license, but it encourages table dancing.
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