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  1. Syke, an alternative name for fountain, is a Northern English dialect word for " well " and features on the canting arms of the Sykes family.
  2. Inverted heart symbols have been used in heraldry as stylized testicles ( " coglioni " in Italian ) as in the canting arms of the Colleoni family of Milan.
  3. Finally, flames make for canting arms as the surname  Dufour means " of the furnace " in the language of the armiger's father, French.
  4. Fish of various species often appear in canting arms, e . g . : dolphin ( a conventional kind of fish rather than the natural mammal ) for the Dauphin de Viennois.
  5. Geoffrey of Monmouth assigned Arthur a dragon on his helmet and standard, which is possibly canting arms on Arthur's father's name, Uther Pendragon ( Brault, 23 ).
  6. Polish family crests have their individual names, usually stemming from the heraldic clan's ancient seat or battle cry; or from the way the arms were depicted " canting arms ".
  7. "" ( The Ruthenoise community of eternal fidelity to God and the King . ) The wheels ( rodas ) canting arms of Rodez, resemble bezants, hence the confusion of the blazon.
  8. GBuchoBazy has a canting arms-the shield features a goat's head in reference to its former German name, " Ziegenhals ", which literally means " goat's neck ".
  9. The canting arms of the Kingdom of Castile are " Gules, a tower triple-turreted Or " ( " i . e . " three small towers standing atop a larger one ).
  10. It's a classic example of the so-called " canting arms " well known in European heraldry as it was borne by the medieval lords de Aodzia ( a feudal lordship ) and their clan.
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