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  1. To avoid the hazardous chemicals formed by charring meat, grill at medium temperatures.
  2. Avoid cooking over direct flame to prevent charring the outside and undercooking the inside.
  3. Others are charring slabs of meat on a barbecue pit out in the courtyard.
  4. Later calculations based on charring pointed to a yield of 13 to 14 kilotons.
  5. The gases seeped several inches into seams between segments of insulation, charring the material.
  6. How do I cook meat to avoid charring, which has been associated with cancer?
  7. For charring peppers, eggplant, etc.
  8. Charring is an important process in the combustion ignition of solid fuels and in smouldering.
  9. This also reduces the risk of charring the wood with a hotter liquid inlay material.
  10. An investigation of the causes of the charring, a potentially disastrous situation, is underway.
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