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  1. CPM inherently requires lower levels of comparability in the nature of the goods or services.
  2. Interval graphs are exactly the graphs that are chordal and that have comparability graph complements.
  3. Conversely, every cograph is the comparability graph of a series-parallel partial order.
  4. If the ordering is a total order, then the corresponding comparability graph is complete.
  5. Active GRP is used to create transparency and comparability of online and traditional media campaigns.
  6. And that would raise concerns about comparability among financial statements issued by companies with different interpretations.
  7. The Priestley Commission principle of pay comparability with the private sector was abandoned in February 1982.
  8. In both cases, standards of comparability and other matters apply to both goods and services.
  9. The Research and Validation Group carries out research on issues of comparability, validity and reliability.
  10. An example is cardinal unit comparability.
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