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  1. My proposal would be to rename the " compartmentalization " article to " compartmentation ".
  2. He was an opponent of the compartmentalization of knowledge in the social sciences in general.
  3. A mind-set of compartmentalization also is why history gets wedged out in elementary school.
  4. Other Republicans in the crowd reacted with a similar level of what psychologists would call compartmentalization.
  5. The compartmentalization of different forms of SOD throughout the plant makes them counteract stress very effectively.
  6. A clearer indication of compartmentalization is obtained by immunostaining the cerebellum for certain types of protein.
  7. Thus, " compartmentalization " of oxygen-sensitive signaling components may influence the hypoxic response.
  8. Compartmentalization may lead to hidden vulnerabilities in those who use it as a major defense mechanism.
  9. This compartmentalization led to an increased number of meetings, as many as 45 per year.
  10. There was no compartmentalization of any of Gingrich's various legislative, political and personal activities.
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