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  1. Electro-convulsive therapy is also sometimes used.
  2. These included the convulsive therapies ( cardiazol / metrazol therapy and electroconvulsive therapy ), deep sleep therapy and psychosurgery.
  3. Eric undergoes electric-convulsive therapy, a less violent version of the shock treatments that were popular a few decades ago.
  4. "The Radbourne Unit in Derby, which provides four acute mental health inpatient wards ( including a Electro-Convulsive Therapy ) suite.
  5. The cinema and three wards,'Clouston','Jane Holloway'and'Thomas Holloway', were completely gutted and the electro-convulsive therapy department and sewing rooms were badly damaged.
  6. Carnell's personal life was not without difficulties as he suffered from depression and insomnia, and received psychiatric treatment including electro-convulsive therapy.
  7. He told reporters that Turnipseed had been hooked up to " jumper cables, " referring to electro-convulsive therapy ( ECT ).
  8. Although it was effective in relieving obsessive-compulsive disorder ., it was not as effective as convulsive therapy, and it was abandoned.
  9. Other services included treatments for the elderly mentally ill, rehabilitation and continuing care, day care, reflexology, physiotherapy, electro-convulsive therapy; chiropody and psychiatry.
  10. In an attempt to save Audrina from herself, Damian subjected her to electro-convulsive therapy, trying to erase the memory of the rape.
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