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  1. Their task now was simple, and crushingly difficult : to go on with life.
  2. Finally, and most crushingly, Proust's beloved mother died in September 1905.
  3. That fact alone makes the time, energy and money spent on the Simpson spectacle crushingly depressing.
  4. As a result, the movie is overwhelmingly emotional _ violent in some parts, crushingly sad in others.
  5. But the nation remains crushingly poor, with a per capita income measured in hundreds of dollars a year.
  6. With American military backing, Israel crushingly defeated its Arab neighbors and forced two of them to make peace.
  7. The loss is obviously and immediately material, but it is also and more crushingly a loss of identity.
  8. The Zulu impis attacked the Voortrekker encampment, but they were crushingly defeated in the ensuing Battle of Blood River.
  9. Of its many scions, almost all are crushingly unimaginative, concerned mainly with money and meeting family and social expectations.
  10. However, the Pecheneg alliance failed, and Leo Phokas was crushingly defeated in the Serbia and the Magyars against Simeon.
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