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  1. Toyota has introduced a similar " hybrid " automobile in Japan, and these cars are " literally kick-the-tires examples of the decarbonized economy, " said Hal Harvey, president of the Energy Foundation, a partnership of foundations that promotes energy efficiency and renewable energy.
  2. Some ash from Didcot A was used to manufacture building blocks at a factory on the adjacent Milton Park and transported to Thatcham ( near Newbury, Berkshire ) for the manufacture of Thermalite aerated breeze blocks using both decarbonized fly and raw ash, but most was mixed with water and pumped via a pipeline to former quarries in Radley.
  3. France needs to make a concerted effort to start re-structuring its old system moving to a decarbonized economy ( thermal renovation of building, transformation of agriculture, construction of small cars, transformation of heavy industry, urban densification, etc . ) By mimetism, this ambitious goal could be an example for Europe, and Europe could be an example for the world.
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