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  1. IBM introduced the IBM 3310 Direct Access Storage Device on January 30, 1979 for VM, the only S / 370 operating systems that supports FBA devices.
  2. The IBM 3390 Direct Access Storage Device series was introduced November 1989, offering a maximum storage of up to 22 gigabytes in a string of multiple drives.
  3. IBM Direct Access Storage Product Manager, Alan Shugart, assigned the job to David L . Noble, who tried to develop a new-style tape for the purpose, but without success.
  4. The IBM 3330 Direct Access Storage Facility, code-named " Merlin ", was introduced in June 1970 for use with the IBM System / 370 and the IBM System 360 / 195.
  5. An IBM program RPQ added support for the IBM 3330 direct access storage facility, and this RPQ was applied by most users of ATS / 360 which had migrated to early IBM System / 370 processors.
  6. Although its storage medium was tape, the 2321 was a direct access storage device which could directly access a record rather than scan all the tape to find a record as would a conventional tape drive.
  7. In mainframe computing a "'PR / SM "'( "'Processor Resource / System Manager "') is a type-1 Hypervisor ( a virtual machine monitor ) that allows multiple I / O channels and direct access storage devices ( DASD ).
  8. When direct access storage devices became available, programming languages added ways for programs to randomly access records one at a time, such as access by the values of key fields or by the position of a record in a file.
  9. Beginning with its 1964 System / 360 announcement IBM's mainframes initially accessed CKD ( Count key data ) subsystems via a channel connected to separate Storage Control Units ( SCUs ) with attached Direct Access Storage Devices ( DASD ), typically a hard disk drive.
  10. Other forms of Direct Access Storage Device ( DASD ), such as drum memory devices or the IBM 2321 Data Cell, might give blocks addresses that include a cylinder address, although the cylinder address doesn't select a ( geometric ) cylindrical slice of the device.
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