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  1. Drugmakers also are benefiting from new rules that let them direct advertising at consumers, Nover said.
  2. Direct advertising to kids gets in the way.
  3. Rather, I would use the Fort Worth Star-Telegram direct advertising service, which serves much of Tarrant County.
  4. _Drug firms'new direct advertising to patients.
  5. Singh agrees that direct advertising through banner ads will still take a lot of time to take off.
  6. At the same time, Avedon soon hired Cuomo to art-direct advertising campaigns for Christian Dior, Coco Chanel, and Calvin Klein.
  7. But he said the companies will make their own decisions on how long to continue direct advertising of their emergency services.
  8. "We've seen a growing awareness among mainstream advertisers that they need to segment their markets and direct advertising toward nonwhite consumers,"
  9. One company strategy to combat that trend would be to " direct advertising appeal " to those younger smokers, the document stated.
  10. CMGI Inc . will acquire Flycast, a provider of Web-based direct advertising Communications Corp ., for about $ 690 million in stock.
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