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  1. In any case you should clean and disinfect the earphones regularly.
  2. Earphones, I imagine, are awful on the digestion.
  3. At 4 : 04, he fiddled with his earphone.
  4. The headband also has earphones, a timer and audio recording circuitry.
  5. Grim-looking men with earphones mingled and tried to look charming.
  6. This is all in Hebrew, with simultaneous English translation by earphone.
  7. The canteen price of a portable radio with earphones is $ 36.
  8. On Level I, you are not allowed earphones or commissary privileges.
  9. Use safety glasses or goggles, and earphones to deaden the sound.
  10. At the very least, you will look cool in your earphones.
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