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  1. In those days, the notion of a woman " in analysis " was still enticingly outre.
  2. And that's just in the first 10 minutes of this enticingly loony restaging of the Bizet opera.
  3. The kitties outdo themselves for our small neighbors, rolling, stretching, and generally being enticingly cute kittens.
  4. John Macy said in a 1928 review that Rideout set the Chinese stories in " enticingly classic English ."
  5. You can coordinate the preparation so that the just-toasted nuts sizzle enticingly as they go into the salad.
  6. That's the message ( kind of ) of the enticingly titled " Bread and Tulips ."
  7. A brunette in white, see-through lingerie stares enticingly at motorists from a huge poster overlooking the highway.
  8. Exhilarating is the air she breathes, bewitching is the glance she casts and enticingly vulnerable is her condition ."
  9. He added, almost enticingly, that he himself had been tortured, and offered to show me his scars.
  10. Crawford's portrait, offering for sale an expensive watch to count the hours, smiled enticingly and said nothing.
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