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  1. Another noted work of his was a study of eyelid / eyelash maladies titled " Riflessioni sulla Trichiasi, sulla Distichiasi e sull'Entropio, avuto particolare riguardo ai metodi di Jaeger e di Vacc?" ( Reflections on trichiasis, distichiasis and entropion, with particular regard to the methods of Friedrich J�ger von Jaxtthal ( 1784 1871 ) and Andrea Vacc?Berlinghieri ( 1772 1826 ).
  2. They have physical abnormalities including a large head ( macrocephaly ), sparse hair, prominent scalp veins, inward-folded eyelid ( entropion ), widened anterior fontanelles, hollow cheeks ( malar hypoplasia ), general loss of fat tissues under the skin ( lipoatrophy ), delayed tooth eruption, abnormal hair pattern ( hypotrichosis ), beaked nose, mild to severe mental retardation and dysmorphism.
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