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  1. A relict species nearly exterminated by the clonally by extending roots.
  2. Because exterminating human beings is acceptable to greens as a joke.
  3. Many viruses in water are exterminated in the presence of sunlight.
  4. This my vast host hath almost been exterminated by the Pandavas.
  5. Many people also believe that the Jews should be exterminated ."
  6. Only last year the Hutus of Rwanda set about exterminating the Tutsis.
  7. Humane societies have stopped exterminating every bat that comes in.
  8. They somehow survived as millions of fellow Jews were exterminated.
  9. As for the Chechens, he said, they should be exterminated.
  10. Most are convinced the government is bent on exterminating Hutu.
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