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  1. A challenge for any cancer patient, male or female, Fieldman offers, is having to seem upbeat around friends and relatives.
  2. "I don't think we deal with that, " says Fieldman, speaking for many in the room.
  3. "After the Chinese, " said Fieldman, " the Spanish are the biggest gamblers in Las Vegas ."
  4. Jordan Fieldman, 30, a veteran of several support groups, volunteers that his previous experience with mixed groups was both uplifting and alienating.
  5. The Police Academy in the South Bronx, a curving vector of glass, designed by Ellerbe Becket in association with Fieldman, is another exciting design.
  6. "European and Asian airlines are excited about getting into gaming, " said Steve Fieldman, IFT's vice president for business development.
  7. PS-IS 217 on Roosevelt Island, a concrete structure designed by Michael Fieldman & Partners, is also a highly refined, powerful work.
  8. "We have the only flying video-on-demand working right now, " said Steve Fieldman, founder of In-Flight Technologies.
  9. Lieb went on to release single " Lightning In A Bottle, " also produced by Fieldman, and its accompanying music video on November 19, 2014.
  10. "It was nice to have the support, but I still felt different, " says Fieldman, who like Babich has been through brain cancer and survived what was once a grim prognosis.
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