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  1. At 4 : 30 p . m ., one of the fieriest of Johnson's foes, Thaddeus Stevens, rose to speak but found his voice too weak.
  2. Some of the fieriest polemics against " Islamic fascism " have come from left-wing luminaries such as Christopher Hitchens and Sontag's son, David Rieff.
  3. "Hope is slashed and dreams are burnt alive, " the Rev . Graylan Scott Ellis-Hagler shouted in his fieriest oratory, rallying the demonstrators up the Capitol steps.
  4. Ms . Ullmann directs this sequence so dutifully that sets and costumes are red for Anna's fieriest moments, and Tomas not only avows his nervousness but also tugs at his starched collar.
  5. Homeowners in Sydney and babies in Jakarta, Indonesian orangutans, Kenyan elephants _ all are feeling the adverse effects of the world's fieriest year since records began, the World Wide Fund for Nature said Tuesday.
  6. Some of the fieriest language came from two fringe candidates, Rep . Robert Dornan of California and talk show host Alan Keyes, but their remarks were so long and rambling that the microphone was silenced to extinquish their appearances.
  7. In one notorious 1991 incident recorded on videotape, the Rev . Paul Schenck, one of the fieriest of Buffalo's anti-abortion leaders, threw himself in front of the doctor's car as he pulled into the clinic driveway.
  8. So far, the AKP has stayed away from such hot-button issues, focusing instead on social and economic reforms calculated to improve Turkey's bid for membership in the European Union _ a goal that even some of the country's fieriest Islamists have come to embrace.
  9. But for those who prize the fieriest domesticated Capsicum for its taste and health-boosting qualities, Crosby and the research station in the Rio Grande Valley have developed and patented the TAM Mild Habanero, with less than half the bite of the familiar jalapeno ( which A & amp; M scientists also previously produced in a milder version ).
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