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  1. This kind of finish coat is very heavy and inflexible, and is hard to repair.
  2. The composition of the primer will vary depending on the type of finish coat used.
  3. Q . My wood cabinets were painted with three coats primer and one finish coat.
  4. Have your paint store tint the primer to match the color of the finish coat.
  5. Then it will be sandblasted and painted with a primer coat and an industrial-quality finish coat.
  6. A smooth, white finish coat goes on last.
  7. The other said no power washing, but sand, then apply a primer and one finish coat.
  8. If she does, apply a primer such as latex enamel undercoater and a Krylon spray finish coat.
  9. Paint with an oil-based primer and finish coat; do not use latex, which can cause rust spots.
  10. Some people will apply two or even three layers of finish coat, drying and sanding between coats.
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