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उदाहरण वाक्य

  1. The artist went over every print to add finishing touches by hand.
  2. The finishing touch was bright red lipstick and . . . voila!
  3. Kevin Wade polished the script and Bruce Feirstein added the finishing touches.
  4. Finishing touches were only applied to the IND side of the station.
  5. We are putting the finishing touches to the ( opening ) presentation,
  6. Pecan halves in a circle on top make a pretty finishing touch.
  7. All week legislators and their lawyers put the finishing touches on proposals.
  8. As a finishing touch two glass emeralds are pasted onto his turban.
  9. The finishing touches are being applied to the Off Broadway spring schedules.
  10. The rest of the team works on finishing touches to the clubhouse.
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