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  1. Their first album on the label'Foglamp'also included a DVD with the music videos of'Pinhole'and'Headlight '.
  2. Both Premium and SP models get ESC and 4 airbags as standard feature, while those pair of foglamps are replaced with LED DRL for safety reason.
  3. In September 2013, the GX was updated with the Lexus spindle grille design, new LED headlamps and LED daytime running lights standard; LED foglamps are optional.
  4. Details included a one-piece rear lamp / foglamp / indicator strip across the rear of the body, the minor instruments in the centre console angled towards the driver.
  5. GL trim included the addition of a 6-way power adjustable driver's seat, 6-speaker audio system, foglamps, and dual-zone automatic climate control.
  6. The deep set rectangular high beams are light-emitting diode ( LED ) units while the round " faux-foglamp " driving lights are projector-style xenon arc lamps.
  7. The bumper is also subtly different-look at the two foglamp housings-the sporty model has soft curves leading into the light-the normal model has a hard cylindrical housing.
  8. Models equipped with the Pony Package offered LED lighting mounted on the sideview mirrors that produce a projection of a running horse on the ground, 18 " wheels, and lower valence foglamps.
  9. Compared to the base Cobalt, the SS has lower front and rear fascias for a more aggressive look with integrated foglamps, side rocker moldings, interior accents, and a chrome exhaust tip.
  10. The most luxurious version, the single-point injected 75 SX i . e ., had remote door locks, integrated front foglamps, and the oval exhaust tip also used on the Turbo.
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