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  1. When carbon undergoes a reaction that changes its hybridization from sp 3 to sp 2, the out of plane bending force constant at the transition state is weaker as it is developing sp 2 character and a " normal " SKIE is observed with typical values of 1.1 to 1.2.
  2. where v ( x ) is the force constant per unit length [ units force per area ] \ omega ^ 2 are the eigenvalues for resonances of transverse displacement \ rho ( x ) on the string ., with solutions that include the various harmonics on a stringed instrument.
  3. My question is that it is logical that the contact reaction force on block from magnet would decrease INCREMENTALLY AS due to the pull increments but mathematically speaking, we can take reaction force constant and workout arithmetic summation to find net force taking that there is granted constant pull from magnet on block.
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