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  1. :5 ) Unlike other fringe fields, astrology has few if any experts or authorities, or centers of authority, that are recognized by outside of the astrological community.
  2. The informational value of briefly mentioning the Letter is simply to communicate that even though cryonics is a fringe field, that fringe is not entirely bereft of sympathetic scientists.
  3. Cold fusion is a former FA which was demoted and subject to extended edit-warring by advocates of what is unquestionably regarded by the mainstream as an extreme fringe field.
  4. Also in electrostatic deflection it has long been the practice to inject the beam midway between the charged deflection plates so as to avoid the fringe fields as much as possible.
  5. Instead we have done the very worst possible thing, which is to synthesis something from a paragraph in the body of the report which implies significant support for a verifiably fringe field.
  6. Part of the challenge of making a practical capacitive sensor is to design a set of printed circuit traces which direct fringing fields into an active sensing area accessible to a user.
  7. The article in question ticks both boxes : it promotes pseudoscientific work ( more specifically pathological science ) within the fringe fields of anti-vaccine activism and alternative views on the causes of autism.
  8. First, because the strength of the field varies from point to point in a complicated way, particularly outside the core and in air gaps, where " fringing fields " and " leakage flux " must be considered.
  9. That distinction was noted by Elisangela Adriano of Brazil, a shot-putter who seemed humbled by the setting . " It's incredible, " she said, gazing around the serene, cypress-fringed field . " I'm just very proud ."
  10. The integration has no adverse effects on the PET or on the MRI performance due to increased magnetic shielding of the PET component and low fringe field of the MRI component based on the performance evaluation of the system.
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