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  1. Although Dorothy and Walter were not social gadabouts, they were hosts to many serious thinkers.
  2. Gaddis lived in Bingham, Maine, and Gadabout Gaddis Airport in that town was his base of operations.
  3. Those fans are invariably distracted by gadabouts who don't know the music and don't really care.
  4. No, there was never a gadabout by that name, or any other name, in the White House.
  5. GADABOUT Transportation Services, Inc . provides demand-response paratransit service for seniors over 60 and people with disabilities.
  6. The stage personality Short has honed is a complicated blend of urban realist, stage-struck dreamer and international gadabout.
  7. Andy Griffith plays a homespun gadabout who gets discovered and is put on TV . His ego soars into the stratosphere.
  8. But her gadabout background, sophisticated eye and instinct for color and line gained her entree into the rarefied world of style.
  9. An airport is a business, after all, and we can't have gadabouts dotting the landscape, wrecking the flow.
  10. But even for high rollers and gastronomic gadabouts, a great steak is becoming increasingly difficult to find, other than in restaurants.
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