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  1. By then, only two galleons were left from the original seven.
  2. During the 16th century the galleon evolved from the carrack.
  3. Cortes visited the bay twice to protect his galleons from Portuguese pirates.
  4. Each features a gilded galleon on top of a coat of arms.
  5. Missing the galleon, the Commodore sails west to Manila.
  6. The bell from one of the galleons was placed in Whitburn Church.
  7. In the Battle of the Downs in 1639 he captured a galleon.
  8. The Galleon Trade have accounted in the Philippine colonial economy.
  9. The Spanish ships on these routes were known as the Manila galleons.
  10. Shipyards let you recruit Sloops, Frigates and War Galleons.
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