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  1. The Gauja river valley contains distinctive geological formations, forests and meadow plants.
  2. Limestone, sandstone, slate, gneiss and granite constitute the principal geological formations.
  3. Their ultimate origin ( from biological sources or geological formation ) is unclear.
  4. Further he notes the relation to the physics of geological formations.
  5. The species'tragedy is its occurrence on geological formations rich in platinum.
  6. This geological formation is a strong barrier to movement in most tropical seabirds.
  7. The main geological formations distributed across the town and its surroundings are turbidites.
  8. The geological formation of Guinean-Liberian belt is Precambrian and paleozolic rocks.
  9. This plant is restricted to the Bishop Conglomerate, a geological formation.
  10. It is the oldest Cretaceous geological formation that crops out in the Weald.
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