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  1. Rick Gitter, NBC vice president of advertising standards and program compliance, said of some of the ad proposals.
  2. This album features Gitter singing, accompanied by his own acoustic guitar, and contains folk songs with supernatural themes.
  3. The code is developed and hosted on GitHub and a public support forum is maintained on Google Groups and Gitter.
  4. Jasper was re-arrested on 22 August 1944 in the context of what was termed " Aktion Gitter ".
  5. That was certainly the goal of Dean Gitter, the Catskills developer behind the $ 3 million complex, called Catskill Corners.
  6. Some neighbors have complained that Gitter sold the community on the plan by focusing on the restoration of the old farm buildings.
  7. Gitter, Jaszi, and Ted Uzzle, among others, were arrested, and spent the night in the Cambridge jail.
  8. Gitter is currently the Managing Partner of Crossroads Ventures, LLC, a venture capital company located in Highmount, New York.
  9. "' Gitter "'is an instant messaging and chat room system for developers and users of GitHub repositories.
  10. Gitter does not neglect this aspect of the story; indeed she evokes the figures in European philosophy that were important to Howe.
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