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  1. Finally, in the 18th century Ivan Fonvizin decided to merge the particle " von " with the core, thus giving a start to a new Russian family of German origin.
  2. The combined company of Chesterfield-Invincible, was one of the longest-surviving Poverty Row companies, producing over 100 features, and giving a start to directors Richard Thorpe and Charles Lamont.
  3. Russia said Wednesday that a meeting between President Boris Yeltsin and three Balkan presidents next week will " give a start to a principally new stage of settlement " of the war in the former Yugoslavia.
  4. Over the next decade, Shaw Brothers became Asia's biggest film studio, making a fortune on martial arts blockbusters popular with overseas Chinese communities, and giving a start to acclaimed directors such as John Woo.
  5. Startup time in the NASA vehicle was a maximum of 30 seconds, while Ford's research vehicle used an internal electric heater to quickly start the engine, giving a start time of only a few seconds.
  6. "This road ( of preparation ) will take us to the threshold of the Holy Doors, which will be opened, at God's pleasure, the night of Christmas 1999, thus giving a start to the Grand Jubilee,"
  7. Apparently there can also be seasonal issues in places where the fuel blend is changed between summer and winter ( not an issue where I live, so I'm not familiar with it ); this site give a start to more info .-- talk ) 14 : 25, 20 June 2011 ( UTC)
  8. After Sands, Rory Knight Bruce, who had come from the Spectator, edited the diary in the 1990s  giving a start to many of today s leading journalists and authors, including Peter Bradshaw, Sam Leith, James Hanning, Vincent Graff, Nick Bryant, Philip Kerr, Imogen Lycett Green and the late Robert Tewdr Moss.
  9. :"'Yet in Urban we have this : " "'Bhagwan prophesied that by the end of the 20th century man would either die in a third world war or man will take . . . a critical quantum leap . . . and become a new man . . . 1993 would be the beginning of World War Three . . . this would destroy civilization, except a few Rajneesh communes which would give a start to the new world ."
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