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  1. After the parliamentary debate, newspapers published further sensational stories, hinting at widespread immorality within Britain's governing class.
  2. He is a member of the governing class and adds to the gravitas and seriousness of the campaign.
  3. Thus those who had formerly constituted the governing classes were again showing signs of their ambition to govern.
  4. The common law evolves because civilized society evolves, and judges share the common preconceptions of the governing class.
  5. This resulted in much enmity among the governing class, but the lower classes proclaimed him as their defender.
  6. He was North Church, whose congregation included many of the upper class and governing class, on May 27, 1664.
  7. The scandals brought down the main Catholic political voice, the long-dominant Christian Democrats, and virtually the entire old governing class.
  8. Hollinghurst has received praise for his portrayal of life among the privileged governing classes during the early to middle 1980s.
  9. After the fall of New France to the British in 1759, a colonial governing class established itself in Quebec City.
  10. If the governing class had to use electrics exclusively, you can bet they wouldn't be forcing them on anybody else.
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