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उदाहरण वाक्य

  1. Those who don't like it had best get used it.
  2. So marketers of products deemed inappropriate had best look elsewhere for, well, athletic support.
  3. Her son, Jaha Wilson, told them they had best leave.
  4. 1905 : Had best season of his career, going 51-4 for the Philadelphia Giants.
  5. "Somebody " this season had best be named Barry Switzer.
  6. Indeed, disappointed romantics of history had best keep a careful eye out for such succor.
  7. If the surroundings are strongly articulated, the pieces within had best be contemporary and sculptural.
  8. You had best get used to it . ):
  9. Bowling for the Canadians, Barbados-born fastbowler Nicholas Ifill had best figures of three for 22.
  10. Under that you had best stick with 5x7 images.
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