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उदाहरण वाक्य

  1. I don't sit there hammering it out ."
  2. They were made by hammering lead sheets around a round form.
  3. We should keep hammering China on human rights and international norms.
  4. Fujitsu, Digital Equipment and Compaq were hammering down hardware margins.
  5. First, he dreamed of hammering them with harangue against materialism.
  6. The movement ends with an immense, hammering fist of protest.
  7. Throughout the hammering, Combs remained calm and well-spoken.
  8. But once defense lawyers began hammering at him, Sicignano changed.
  9. The government is hammering out a new system for recycling cars.
  10. Not after the Koreans were hammering at the door all afternoon.
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